About us

AJB is an engineering company, founded in 1983 by a group of ex-Honeywell (HW) employees, for the purpose of supporting Automation Building Management Systems in the Middle East and North Africa. Today, AJB has offices or affiliates in 10 countries, with over 150 employees and an expanded range of products and services. AJB has played a key role in prestigious projects such as the Yas Island F1 Race Track (UAE), Burj Al Arab (UAE), Faisaliah Tower (KSA), Intercontinental Hotel (Amman), Le Royal Hotel (Beirut) and New Doha International Airport (Qatar) to name but very few. All in all, we have worked in over 40 countries worldwide. Additionally, we have received many awards and accolades, such as the "Lifetime Achievement" award from Honeywell, given to us in 2010. Also of note are numerous personal awards that members of our management have won over the years from various organisations and project owners.

Latest Projects

AJB Industrial Project for Amman Strategic Reserve Terminal

AJB is now proud to announce the successful award of the Amman Strategic Reserve Terminal for Petroleum Products (ASTTP) project. This turnkey lump sum project consists of the Storage Terminal, forming a part of Jordanian Government's strategic reserves of petroleum products and liquefied petroleum gas. The terminal’s storage capacity is 340,000 tons of petroleum products and 10,000 tons of liquefied petroleum gas.


AJB Industrial Project for Aqaba LNG Terminal Project (Sheik Sobah Terminal)

Owned by Aqaba Development Corporation, Sheik Sobah Terminal LNG (Liquefied Natural gas) in Aqaba - Jordan was supplied with Honeywell Gas Metering Skids, while AJB was not only responsible for the programming of the Logic Controller system but also furnished all instrumentation and manual valves.

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