November 22, 2017


Business these days is tough, as a factory or facility owner you are required to reduce your energy consumption and pollution, while improving output and product quality at the same time. These factors bring the proper automation, control and measurement of your systems to the cutting edge of your business.

At AJB we have been helping design, contracting and maintenance companies to do this for over twenty years and we also provide full services of design, engineering, sourcing, commissioning, start-up and maintenance of the best automation solutions you can find.

Building Management Systems

Our experience with Building Management Systems goes back to when they first began to play such a vital role in the life of buildings. Nowadays, they can be used to control all the systems in your facility; from heating and lighting to plumbing and fire detection and security, from huge boilers to individual clocks and everything in between. This type of control over your equipment, quite simply, makes it work better, last longer and cost less. And we know all about this type of control, as you can see from our range of reference projects.

Our automation specialists are frequently called upon by contractors to interface between the mechanical contractor and the BMS/controls sub-contractor on sophisticated projects with Building Management Systems (with special expertise in Engineering Honeywell Systems), to expedite this major activity.

  • Field Level Temperature Instruments
  • Pressure Instruments
  • Humidity
  • Air Quality Sensors
  • Automation Level DDC [CPU]
  • I/O Modules
  • Management Level Front End Software (EBI / SymmetrE)
  • Accessing and Controlling Parameters
  • Services
  • A dedicated team for engineering, programming, commissioning, testing and start up

HVAC Automatic Controls

HVAC Automatic Controls, when properly implemented, provide a comfortable environment for occupants, optimize energy cost and consumption, improve employee productivity, facilitate efficient manufacturing, control smoke in the event of fire and support IT and communications equipment.

By adjusting temperature and pressure controls automatically, spaces can be regulated for heating and cooling according to occupancy and need. Additionally, adjusting limit controls can prevent personnel and equipment damage.

Process Control

Process Control is used within the control loops of individual pieces of equipment and systems to ensure that the equipment is operating according to its design and the needs of the environment.
This level of control can be sufficient on its own, or else it can be used as part of a larger Building or Plant Management System.


Supervisory Control and Data

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition is used widely in the water and petroleum pipeline sector where the ability to collect data from distant unmanned outposts is of great benefit. As the name indicates, it is not a full control system, but rather focuses on the supervisory level. It is a purely software package that is positioned on top of hardware to which it is interfaced and gathers data while the system it is working for is online.

Huge amount of highly relevant data can be gleaned and analyzed automatically, and then used to adjust the system accordingly; improving efficiency, spotting potential malfunctions while reducing downtime and operating costs.

The beauty of SCADA is that it is scaleable to any application size and number of input/output lines with ease; from small plants to the huge CERN particle accelerator institute in France/Switzerland.

Our PLCs are modular, scalable and rack-based. The PLC can be either stand-alone or distributed with peer-to- peer connections. The CPUs, power supplies and rack sizes are available in various models to best fit to a particular application.

  • Field LevelTemperature Instruments
  • Pressure Instruments
  • Flow Instruments
  • Level Transmitters
  • Automation LevelPLC [CPU]
  • I/O Modules
  • Management LevelFront End Software (Experion Vista)
  • Accessing and Controlling Parameters
  • ServicesA dedicated team for engineering, programming, commissioning, testing and start up.

Plant Management Systems

Working very much like a Building Management System, Plant Management / Automation Systems bring together all of the individual Process Controls of each of the subsystems in a plant and give the plant manager complete and overall control of the plant.

With this level of control, production can beoptimised while energy consumption and cost can be minimized. Potential equipment damage or failure can be tracked and predicted and online time maximized.


AJB provides sensing elements, instruments and systems that enable our customers to monitor, protect, control and validate their critical processes and applications.

More specifically :

Field Instrumentation


  • Pressure Gauges
  • Pressure Switches
  • Wireless Transmitters
  • Pressure Transmitters


  • Temperature Transmitters
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Temperature Gauges
  • Wireless Transmitters


  • Flow meters
  • Flow Switches


  • Ultrasonic Transmitters
  • Radar Tank Gauging
  • Level Switches


  • Transmitters

Panel Instrumentation

  • Universal Data Controllers
  • Universal Programmer
  • Chart and Paperless Recorders
  • Annuciators and Scanners

Pneumatic Instrumentation


  • Pressure Transmitters
  • Transmitters
  • Controllers
  • Recorders


  • Temperature Transmitters
  • Controllers
  • Recorders
  • Level Indicating Controller


  • Data Cables
  • Coaxial Cables
  • LAN Network Cables
  • Honeywell Cables
  • And much more


  • Control Valves
  • Ball, Balancing, Butterfly.. etc Valves