June 26, 2018


It can be a daunting process, sourcing equipment for your facility. Fortunately you have come to the right place. At AJB we have been doing exactly that since 1983 and our management team has experience dating back to the early 70s.

​We maintain close links with many of the leading manufacturers in the fields of Industrial Automation products and systems. By drawing on these links, and by using our many years experience, we can understand your specific needs as our customer and provide for you the right solution, first time and on time.

​Honeywell Industrial

​With Honeywell Environmental Control Products Systems and Services as well as Honeywell Industrial Measurement and Control products, we can provide automation solutions which cover an infinite range of applications, from small factories to large multinationals, in robust modular systems, giving maximum time online and scalability to meet changing needs.

​Process Field Instruments

​AJB is a well-known global company that provides sensing elements, instruments, and systems that enable our customers to monitor, protect, control, and validate their critical processes and applications.

Measuring pressures, temperatures, and flows effectively, accurately, and economically are the hallmarks of the scope of AJB’s field instruments. This comprehensive range of technically advanced field instruments, including innovative wireless transmitters, offers major advantages for improving your process, complying with regulations and attaining high-quality standards. In addition, the life-cycle costs of buying and maintaining these sturdy instruments are lower than other comparable products.

Our Field Instruments include:

  • PressurePressure Transmitters
  • Pressure Gauges
  • Pressure Switches
  • Wireless Transmitters
  • FlowFlow Meters
  • Flow Switches
  • TemperatureTemperature Transmitters
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Temperature Gauges
  • Wireless Transmitters
  • LevelUltrasonic Transmitters
  • Radar Tank Gauging
  • Level Switches
  • CorrosionTransmitters
  • DCS Systems

​Our PLCs are modular, scalable and rack-based. The PLC can be either stand-alone or distributed with peer-to- peer connections. The CPUs, power supplies and rack sizes are available in various models to best fit to a particular application.

​We can offer Supervisory Software to satisfy a wide range of requirements. These requirements can vary from monitor and control of a single process unit to a large scale process operation.

​Recorders and Data Acquisition

​AJB offers a comprehensive portfolio for all of your recording and data acquisition needs. Choose your format: strip chart, circular chart or paperless recorders for viewing, storing and managing your process data. In addition to powerful software suite provides networking capability and real time archiving.


​Our single and dual loop digital controllers and indicators provide precise control and indication of process variables with a wide choice of functionality. We can offer a versatile solution for a variety of applications, where all of our controllers and indicators are highly reliable, easy to configure, flexible and versatile.

​Programmers and Indicators

​Digital control programmers perform pre-determined processing or testing schedules on a time-versus-set point program. We can offer programmers that perform basic to complex recipes feature universal inputs, and multi-channel models.

​Industrial Valves

  • Linear & Rotary Isolating Valves
  • Self Acting Control Valves
  • Steam Traps
  • Pressure Safety Valves

​Analytical Equipment

pH / ORPSensors: Universal Dual Analyzer, Transmitter
Conductivity Sensors: Universal Dual Analyzer
Moisture & Gas Analyzer: Humidity / Dew Point Transmitter Gas Thermal Conductivity Analyzer
Dissolved Oxygen Sensors: Universal Dual Analyzer

Air Filters – AAF

​Using American Air Filter (AAF) products we can solve your air filtration problems; from commercial to industrial air filters; air pollution control products and systems and machinery filtration and acoustic systems.

​For the Environment: Air Pollution Control Equipment
For People: HEPA Filtration
For Processes: Filters HEPA Filtration Cooling Coils
For Power Systems: Diesel Engine Filtration Gas Turbine Air Filters

Steel Belts

We have a long tradition of supplying steel belts for all types of industries and furthermore, we have led the way in developing and adapting the steel belt to fulfill specific application needs. As the use steel belts has expanded, so too has the program of manufacture. We are now in a position to supply a very wide range of steel grades (in particular stainless and carbon steel), with a number of different surface finishes, even perforated, and dimensions, in a number of basic tolerances, to ensure the optimum choice for each application. In addition, we can supply a variety of tools and accessories to support the installation, smooth running and maintenance of these steel belts. We can even send an engineer over to your site to install, repair or simply examine your steel belts.

Steel Belt Systems

Whether your business is in chemicals, plastics, oil, gas or food, we can help you compete through innovative products and imaginative engineering.

​Our systems allow for the industrial scale production using the following system:

  • Granulation (flaking and pastillation) directly from the melt into solid
  • Single & double belt systems for film/sheet casting and sheet moulding
  • Steel belt coolers/dryers/freezers
  • Conveying systems