June 25, 2018

O & M Manuals

Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Manuals

We specialize in compiling O&M Manuals (hard and electronic versions) for all systems – from Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, and Architectural to any Special Systems in your facility.

We have prepared manuals for several large and sophisticated projects throughout the region.

We employ full time experienced technical writers and engineers who know about the systems they write about.

Our manuals contain detailed descriptions of each piece of equipment and system and provide all operating and control sequences, maintenance schedules, emergency and fault finding information, recommended spare parts lists, as-built drawings/schematic diagrams, safety notices and potential hazards, manufacturer information and documentation, and all information necessary for the safe and efficient operation of your building or facility.

O&M Training Manuals / Operator Training

  • Preparation of detailed Training Program
  • Preparation of detailed Training Manuals
  • Actual theoretical / practical on-site Training
  • Emergency Manuals

Our engineers provide in depth training, complete with training aids and training manuals (hard and electronic versions), to members of your operation and maintenance staff to ensure the smooth, safe and efficient running of your facility. Employing a combination of time spent in the classroom and time spent with the actual equipment, our aim is to give the right mix of theory and practical experience.

Electronic Manuals (E-Manuals)

Use our e-manual service as a seamless compliment to your hard copy manual, or even as a replacement to it!

Manuals can be installed onto any workstation or networked on your system for immediate access, or printed, in part or in whole, any number of times. Thousands of pages of data can be searched in seconds and no piece of information is more than 3 or 4 clicks of the mouse away with our extensive and easy to use structuring system.

Digitalisation of Project Documentation

CDML & AJB are redefining O&M Manuals with Converge™ digital O&M Manuals Management service. CDML & AJB are the only partnership to have a dedicated information asset management team and to offer an integrated digital Project Documentation that can incorporate ALL information assets with full search and retrieval functions.

The benefits of CDML & AJB Converge™ digital Project Documentation include:

  • Searchable digital Project Documentation loaded onto your network, computer or mobile device (iPad, iPhone, Android Phone and Tablet)
  • Web-hosted digital Project Documentation
  • Digital integration of construction “as built” information assets with accurate Project Documentation
  • Ability to scale and include additional information assets such as energy models, retrofit documents, BOMA, LEED and LEED EBOM documentation and training videos
  • Ability to move existing building information documents from paper to digital with full OCR

Asset Database

We prepare the Asset Database in both electronic and hard copy. The document covers all equipment installed in the facility, showing quantities, serial number, characteristics, manufacturer, local supplier information, location of the relevant instructions in the O&M Manuals.



Operation Notices

We provide large wall charts to go with major pieces of equipment, such as air handling units and chillers, which act as permanent information and safety systems which can be viewed and used by everyone.


Our in-house technical translators allow us to provide manuals in local languages to make them readable by all future users.